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Back from the Dead

I am back, sort of. I came back a couple of weeks ago but the company has me working hard on some documentation. I do all of the documentation in a program called MadCap Flare. I just dusted off and launched SharePoint Designer for the first time in over a month today…

Give me a couple of days to get everything back into place in my brain (I was looking at some notes to try to figure out where I left off and I am totally lost). I am going to be pushing hard on the sales management section of my web application over the next month or so.

I really missed blogging and I realised that my documentation role is taking more and more time from SharePoint Design (and therefore SharePoint Blogging). To that end, I’ve created another blog about personal finances and budgets, my second favorite personal torture.

If you are into that kind of stuff, I should have some posts up at the site very soon ( As for this blog, I think I might attack creating some examples and screenshots for the new posts so be prepared for some new stuff from me!


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